Our Story

For over 140 years we’ve set the standard for cream cheese, bringing you the delicious and comfortingly creamy taste you love. Like a true friend, we're always here for you.

The food of friendship

Comfortingly creamy and delicious. You can count on Philadelphia to create simple yet delicious food that everyone loves. For those family breakfasts that need to be fast. Or those office sandwiches with a side of laughter. Whether you're preparing yourself a quick lunch or whipping up food for a dinner date, Philadelphia is your friend in the fridge, always here to help.​

Friends are always there when you need them​  

This is a story about friendship and having someone by your side through thick and thin. You can always rely on Philadelphia to bring people together. From making new school mates, sharing something tasty with your partner in crime, or prepping a quick pick-me-up for your nearest and dearest – Philadelphia is made for spreading friendship.​ Philadelphia's the name but you can call me Philly.​

You’ve got a friend in Philly


The friend that builds friendships

It only takes a few minutes a day to nourish a friendship. You know that friend you can have over when your house isn’t spotless? Give them a buzz. We'll take care of the treats.


Your friend in the fridge

You’re minutes away from post-work pick-me-ups, creative snacks to feed the family, and even speedy breakfasts for those scrambles.


A friend to food

Everyone wants to be friends with Philly, even most foods in your kitchen. It's time to enhance those crackers or tomatoes you almost forgot you had. A dollop of Philadelphia will bring them to life.

Our Journey









William lawrence

1872 – Would you believe it? It all started in New York

It all started when William Lawrence invented the first cream cheese in New York to bring a fresher, richer taste experience to the cheese market.

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